EPL memebers registry

Category: Pipes and profiles

Toppi Plast OÜ www.toppiplast.ee/ info@toppiplast.ee
Plastic Extrusion
Höhle OÜ hohle.ee/ toomas.koobas@hohle.ee
Fibre Optical Cables
Plastrex Europe OÜ www.plastrex.eu info@plastrex.eu
Production of innovative polymer material
Pipelife Eesti AS www.pipelife.ee pipelife@pipelife.ee
Pipes for life
DALE LD AS www.dale.ee tiit@dale.ee
Contracted manufacturing of plastic details. 20 years of experience
ATI Profiil OÜ www.atiprofiil.ee ivar@atiprofiil.ee
Manufacturing of plastic profiles. Granulation of mineral materials
Aamex OÜ www.aamex.ee info@aamex.ee
Manufacturing of small-scale plastic pipes and profiles