EPL memebers registry

Category: Injection moulding

Avorest Grupp OÜ www.facebook.com/avorestgrupp info@avorest.com
Plastic Injection Molding
Vesimentor OÜ www.vesimentor.ee info@vesimentor.ee
Plastic manufacturing and product development
Talent Plastics Tallinn AS www.talentplastics.com tallinn@talentplastics.ee
Injection molding products
TST OÜ www.tstplast.ee info@tstplast.ee
Your sub-contractor for plastic products manufacturing
Promens AS www.rpc-promens.com eesti@promens.com
Injection molding products for the automotive, electronics and engineering industries
Plastone OÜ www.plastone.com saue@plastone.com
Injection Moulding, glue moulding, moulds, assembly, tampoprint, ultrasonic welding
Plastiktoos OÜ www.plastiktoos.ee info@plastiktoos.ee
Plastic Injection Molding
M ja P Nurst AS www.mpnurst.ee mpnurst@mpnurst.ee
Plastic Injection Molding
Ensto Ensek AS www.ensto.com/ee ensek@ensto.com
ENSTO - Saves Your Energy
DALE LD AS www.dale.ee tiit@dale.ee
Contracted manufacturing of plastic details. 20 years of experience