Sumar Tools OÜ
Injection moulds, manufacturing dies
Haroplast OÜ
Survevalu plasttooted ja koolitused
ADDform OÜ
3D Printing, Scanning and Design Assistance
Eesti Energia AS
Production of electricity, heat and oil, circular economy of waste plastics
Fiberbar Composites OÜ
Manufacturing of Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastic Profiles
Tahe Outdoors OÜ
Maailma üks juhtivaid veespordivarustuse tootjaid
Eccom OÜ
Plastic profiling, bending, polishing, thermoforming
Nordic Plast OÜ
Commercial furnishings, billboards, logos, custom solutions
Kemimet International OÜ
Distributor of chemicals, additives and ingredients
Pdat Estonia OÜ
Injection molding tools
Orkos Estonia OÜ
Plastic Recycling
Toppi Plast OÜ
Plastic Extrusion
Höhle OÜ
Fibre Optical Cables
Rizart OÜ
CNC milling, vacuum forming, laser cutting, 3D scanning
Avorest Grupp OÜ
Plastic Injection Molding
Merrem Tööstusplast OÜ
CNC machining and sales of Performance plastics stock shapes
Vesimentor OÜ
Plastic manufacturing and product development
Uniplast OÜ
Foamed polyethylene products
Talent Plastics Tallinn AS
Injection molding products
Your sub-contractor for plastic products manufacturing
Treamplast OÜ
Plastic manhole production
Therm OÜ
Polyurethane foam
Telko Estonia OÜ
Distributor of Plastics and Chemicals
Tehnoplast AS
Canisters and bottles based on blowmoulding technology
Neular OÜ
Production of innovative polymer material
Promens AS
Injection molding products for the automotive, electronics and engineering industries
Plastone OÜ
Plastic injection molding, molds, assembly work, adhesive molding, pad printing, ultrasonic welding
Plastiktoos OÜ
Plastic Injection Molding
Pipelife Eesti AS
Pipes for life
M ja P Nurst AS
Plastic Injection Molding
EstPak Plastik AS
Manufacturing of plastic containers/trays for the food industry
Ensto Ensek AS
ENSTO - Saves Your Energy
Albis Plastic Scandinavia AB
Supplying raw materjals for plastic industry
Contracted manufacturing of plastic details. 20 years of experience
Dagöplast AS
Manufacturer of PE film, plastic pipes; production of secondary plastic materials
Bang & Bonsomer Eesti AS
Wholesales of raw materials for plastic industry, sales of industrial equipment for plastics industry
Viro Tools AS
Production of plastic injection moulds
Zircon Group OÜ
Injection moulds
Talent Plastics Tartu AS
Injection molding products
Erismet OÜ
Small series plastics moulding, composite details, carbon sheet manufacturing and processing
B-plast AS
Manufacturing of plastic details (IM) and assembly
Aarspak OÜ
ATI Profiil OÜ
Manufacturing of plastic profiles. Granulation of mineral materials
Aamex OÜ
Manufacturing of small-scale plastic pipes and profiles