Eccom OÜ

Plastic profiling, bending, polishing, thermoforming

Phone +372 5078 307
Address Kreutzwaldi 56/4, 51014 Tartu
Contact Martin Terav, CEO

Eccom OÜ offers high quality services for the plastics industry:

- milling;
- lasercutting;
- profiling and calibrating;
- thermoforming and trimming plastics.

ECCOM also handles foam materials also - PE foam, polystyrene, PUR, PIR.

The company has special machinery for calibrating and profiling plastics (eg. PE, POM). They have everything for making models and to provide full service regarding thermoformed plastic products. ECCOM offers fully finished model, thermoforming and final trimming with additional machining (eg. drilling, slot milling, etc).