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belief on life outside Malta

I don expect Chinese people to be aware what Malta is (Even some Europeans do not know it is a real country) But I do hate shopping for say Idali ren (italian language) And then watching them nod to me in recognition don like being wrongly identified as an Italian thankyou very much!

4. I never been good with directions or mapsso getting lost practically everywhere is part and parcel of living inahuge city like Shanghai. whether it be shopping in a mall, Navigating my way around the city or meeting a friend for dinner I bound to take longer just cos I go in the opposite direction and won notice before I walked at least 2kms. to always be fair, I have gotten a lot better recently and must admit I still get lost but it happens less frequently. Kaching! india 2 Josie 1

3. Ok I know I foreigner in China and as with any expat living in any country I ought to learn to speak the language if not fluently then at least just to get by. alright, I really shouldn moan about this and just begin my Chinese lessons more seriously.

2. I haven mentioned dating at all in this website however being a single, White girl in China is definitely no walk in the park if you wanna date and let face it get laid even more when you are not particularly attracted to Chinese men (resembling I am). Most laowai men are generally inflicted with yellow fever (Only date far eastern girls), Complete losers who left home cos they couldn make their life back research, Fuglies or oldies. given, There is a small pool of men who are and are dateable but you can forget about the saying are plenty of fish in the sea when aguy exits your life. Number 1 reason I cannot remain this country for long. Having held up (at least) A winter in China is fucking hard and I so glad I going crossing in 2 weeks. everytime I travel within China I am left amazed at how freakin beautiful it is. around the, Here i need the dumplings; Baozi (Steamed dumplings occupied meat/veggies etc), Jaozi (Tortellini like steamed small dumplings stuffed with usually pork but one can also find shrimp/chicken etc; Best kind is when served which have a yummy shanghai women peanut sauce!). And what about the breakfast delights pancake rolled with egg full of a kind of tofu inside (which follow) Or a fried dough with the information I call the mobile English breakfast one can get sausage, egg cell, Bacon and lettuce rolled quite nicely inside a fried dough aaahhhh saliva dripping. more information this here.

Jin Bng (Yes I googled title!)

5. Life in China Mostly I benefit from the idiosyncrasies of life in China; Whether I am travelling around the country or when I home in Shanghai love observing the morning commute with scooters heavily loaded with a whole family of 3 on their way to work/school or the cleaners having a nap under a tree in the afternoon heat or the old men homemade cards in the street (Just just about to happen from a fancy area in the French Concession).

There are a few things which I thought I never do/be interested in or just be comfortable doing that I am finding myself grateful for. A big difference in myself (much more now that I have returned to SH) Is that I share a flat rather than renting on my own. As for myself, I generally loved my own space and loved living on my own back home. on the contrary, In SH the cheapest and most logical option was to share a flat. now i (deservingly) Reckoned that I will need people around me so they won't feel lonely in a big, imported city where I knew no one. The plan however was to move out and find my own place after I come back from walking on. improve, Plans change and I am soo glad I thought we would stay. I learnt that I am simple to live with (I do manage to clean up after myself and care about others when I don take them as a given uh oh) And that I do enjoy living with someone else something which I had written off after past experiences.

This is turning into a cheesy post however being back here in Shanghai wasn all roses the thing about living somewhere like Shanghai means that changes are a part of your life and the quicker you accept this, the higher quality off you be. I have always embraced changes; Almost looked forward to them! However another thing which I discovered was the option that yes I do need some stability in my life back to a new job with new colleagues, New flatmates and almost no other new friends apart from your travel buddies was kinda tough i have to admit.

The second stage of growing culture shock (More with this

Walking back home after a good day of teaching today (example of teaching Chinese students helps a lot!), Having stumbled upon a new baker and a new Chinese pizza place (Yummeyy) I felt thankful. make sure that I keep learning, seeking new things and keep having that feeling of I live here! I reckon I ought safe crossed,

As the changing times roll by, My life here seems to become more for lack of a better word! I keep amazing myself at how at ease I have tweaked to life here. It certainly doesn find that 2 months ago I was back in Malta. I guessing this sort of feeling of disattachment from home will only grow as the months roll by.

Even though I have had some bad luck in these 2 months to discover a here (In well-known Josie fashion, My bank card/keys and some funds were stolen from my bag at school), I cannot take sole credit from my ease at adjusting. My biggest resource until now has been the folks I met.